Simeon bar Yochai

Meron in northern Israel. The holiday falls on the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer — the seven-week period between Passover and Shavuot, the holiday marking the day on which the Nation of Israel received the Torah at Mount Sinai. Tens of thousands of Jewish men and women from all walks of life streamed into the area around the Tomb of the RaShBI, as he is called, and his son who is also buried there , for this is the day on which Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai left this world, and passed to the next. Rabbi Shimon knew the Romans would soon come to capture him, as he was a great spiritual and Cabbalistic leader at the time. He therefore fled with his son to a cave where the two men were fed by a carob tree, and drank from a pure spring that miraculously appeared. The rabbi and his son spent 12 years in that cave, until the death of Caesar. The rabbi returned to the cave for another 12 months, to begin to adjust to normal day-to-day life. But the holiday also marks the cessation of the deadly plague that took the lives of 24, students of the Talmudic sage, Rabbi Akiva — which miraculously ended on this day as well.

Meron: Tomb of Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai

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So Barak went down from mount Tabor, and ten thousand men after him”.

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Hilloula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai

Lag B’Omer on Mt. The first visitors immediately after Passover with containers and equipment, while others begin flocking to the area several days before the holiday. A fascinating human and ceremonial experience takes place on the day of the holiday, when thousands of Jewish worshippers say prayers, light bonfires and give their three-year-old sons their first haircuts, while celebrating the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer — the day of passing of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Photographer Harel Stanton took his camera to one of the religious world’s “hottest” events and returned with unusual sights, experiences and angles from the Lag B’Omer celebration on Mount Meron. Throwing clothes and pouring oil into the bonfire throughout the night and the following day in order to fan the flames. Many haredim and Sephardim don’t cut their sons’ hair until the age of three.

Hermon is also in Israel, as well as that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Three residents of the village, inhabited by Arabs of Bedouin origin, look the lebanese territory from a hill where the ruins of the old village stand. Over the years, Aramshe residents have experienced attacks by Katyusha rockets launched from Southern Lebanon by the Hezbollah. The natural caves are the extreme point of Israeli territory on the Mediterranean sea before Lebanon. The park sits on a hill a few meters from the israeli border and was built in the occasion of the visit of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in southern Lebanon in October Former prison of Al Khiam, Lebanon.

Ahmad Al Amine, 51, poses dressing the blackhood used by the israeli for the prisoners in the small museum of the prison. During the israeli occupation of southern Lebanon he was jailed here for four years. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reported the use of torture and other serious human rights abuses in the facility.

The prison was transformed by Hezbollah in a museum after Israel withdrew from Lebanon in In the war was heavily bombed by the Israeli air forces, but today in the middle of the ruins a small exhibition is still kept open for occasional visitors.

Lag Bomer live from Meron for 5770-2010

The “Holy” Babylonian Talmud The rabbis of the Talmud are notorious for their legal hairsplitting, and quibbling debates. But they share rare agreement about their right to molest three year old girls. In contrast to many hotly debated issues, hardly a hint of dissent rises against the prevailing opinion expressed in many clear passages that pedophilia is not only normal but scriptural as well!

Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in Judaism. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud itself, Erubin 21b Soncino edition:

Anyways, the whole Meron experience was great-we arrived at 3 AM and left after we prayed to the rising sun around 8:

Each year on Lag b’Omer, 33 in Hebrew letters: A temporary bus station is opened for the day that is one of the largest in the country. In Jewish Law, Lag b’Omer is a cessation of the semi-mourning restrictions between Pesach and Shavuot, when marriages, haircutting and live music all become permitted. However, this massive pilgrimage is for an entirely different reason. Although Lag b’Omer is the anniversary of his death, in accordance with his express wishes it is treated as an occasion of great joy.

At night, many Sephardim recline in huge tents over multi-course dinners and live music, and during the day, dozens of sheep are kosher-slaughtered, barbecued, and consumed. Throughout the night and day, hundreds or even thousands of three-year-old boys, Ashkenazim and Sephardim alike, receive their first haircuts and peyot. In the evening, enormous bonfires are kindled on the roof of the domed building, in honor of the shining spiritual light Rabbi Shimon brought into the world.

Tens of Thousands Rejoice in Lag B’Omer Celebration at Rashbi’s Tomb on Mt. Meron

Safed was one of the last places in ancient Israel to boast a significant Jewish population, and it was one of the first places where Jews returned from the Diaspora and resettled during the Ottoman period. Many thousands of pilgrims come every year to study Kabbalah and pay homage at the tomb of Shimon bar Yohai. History In the years between the Great Revolt and the Bar Kokhba Revolt, the Jews in northern Israel retained some measure of religious freedom under the leadership of the surviving Sanhedrin.

This was true even in the north, where Jewish resistance to Roman rule had been relatively light. Many Jews of Palestine were killed, imprisoned, deported or otherwise forced to renounce their faith. During this period, Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, arguably the first truly important Jewish spiritual leader of the Diaspora, fled to the city of Safed on the Syrian frontier where he continued to study and write in secret.

A variety of music blasted through massive loudspeakers in various:

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I think this is one of my favorite works of art to date. So do encourage your kids to draw your house, on something much larger than letter size paper, and I’m quite sure the results will be fabulous!

Lag B’Omer in Israel

Geography[ edit ] Among the local attractions are the Meron Vineyards. Meron is conducive to growing grapes for wine as a result of its meter altitude and chalky soil. The vineyard was first planted in and is part of the Galil Mountain Winery, headquartered in nearby Kibbutz Yiron.

Every year, on the anniversary of his passing, hundreds of thousands converge in Meron for a joyous celebration of Rabbi Shimon’s life and the revelation of the esoteric soul of Torah.

The protesters, primarily Jewish residents of the city, called for the tenders to be revoked. Suissa, who lives in Afula, has faced public calls for dismissal over his participation in previous demonstrations on the issue. The protesters held up banners reading: They also encouraged people to sign a petition calling for the cancellation of the tenders. Suissa told the protesters that the building permits were illegal and expressed satisfaction at the police investigation into the matter.

The protesters claimed that the winning tender applicants may have coordinated their bids to ensure the neighborhood is populated mainly by Arab residents. They also charged that the tenders were poorly publicized within the city, and only announced in two local newspapers. Many of the protesters have previously expressed their opposition to having an all-Arab neighborhood in the city. The tender was run by the Israel Land Administration, which accepted bids on almost 50 plots for homes in a planned community next to the Afula Illit neighborhood.

The results, published last month, showed that none of the plots had been won by current residents of Afula and all had been awarded to residents of Arab villages in the area.

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