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Aftermarket gauge install in 1st gen S10 Quote: Originally Posted by greyhnd View Post but my problem is I can’t find a mounting panel for the gauges that looks like it will fit into the original dash space. I’d rather not replace the entire dash, but will if it becomes necessary. I’ve looked at Summitrcing. Does anyone have a source for such an item? Or is my best bet to have one fabricated from aluminum or other material? My whole point was if he takes the grey inside panel and ‘shaves’ the holes or simply covers it with a piece of ‘X’ – then he has his mounting panel and can customize it to his hearts content.

Towing With Auto Transmission

Some of these are original, most are “gleaned” from others a cut-paste reminders You will need to provide detail info. Run the engine at about RPM, and the voltage at the battery should be It goes down at higher temperature, so if it’s in the 80’s or 90’s, you may only get to If it’s low, remove the left body panel side cover and about half way up the vertical frame section behind the motor, you will find a plug that has 3 white with a blue?

Next item is the cam oiler tube and elbow.

Also, not sure if this was mentioned in the manual clearly, but S5 is what it’s referring to, but that doesn’t mean you have to shift all the gears. It just means that it will do it’s automatic thing, NOT to exceed 5th Gear. If you had it in S3, it would start in 1st, then shift to 2nd, then to 3rd, but would just run up the RPMs at that point because you asked it not to shift to 4th.

It’s easy to do when in D, just move the shifter left once, which automatically puts it in S4, bump it up once until it shows S5 on your dash, and drive. If you need more power, hit the ECT power button, which will change when your engine shifts automatically to improve power at the cost of fuel economy. Basically all you are trying to do is avoid 6th gear, because it’s a well overdriven gear which is not rated to pull loads, it’s a fuel economy in normal situations kinda thing.

One cool thing about the auto is that if you are approaching a big hill, you can bump the shifter down and it will Change from S5 to S4, and won’t leave 4th until you bump it back to S5. That gives you power to go up the hill, and you don’t have to worry about the transmission trying to constantly find a higher gear for MPG while you’re asking it to work.

4R100 transmission overheating

The 9 cap is available at your local GM dealer. Ask for AC Delco type RC32 part and a 10 cap is available at most autoparts store under a Stant part number , if they don’t have it, have them order it for you. The lower pressure rated caps are not carried by the store much but they are available.

If the throttle is lightly “blipped” at idle, and the rpm “hangs up” before dropping to the set idle speed, and there are no intake leaks and the idle speed is set at less than rpm, the mixture screws are probably too lean:

As a result, they are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. I picked the Chevrolet LS1 V8 because of it’s awesome output numbers, availability, reliability and personal testimony from a couple of my friends who have them. I knew it would be a little more challenging than swapping in an LT1 or earlier engine, but so what! The outcome will be that much better.

Here’s where it all happens! We do a variety of things including towing for the City of Pittsburgh, used parts sales, scrap processing, body work and late model vehicle sales. This is where I worked and learned everything I know about cars today! October 6th, – Here are a few shots of the car before we started working on it.

We bought it off of eBay from a very nice couple in Tennessee who had to sell it in the wake of passed family member. The car has 68, miles and maintenance records to prove it. At the time of the purchase, the engine was beyond any reasonable repair.

Ultragauge transmission temp

I am attributing that to my errors with the tape measure in my haste to get mine measured so I could get back into a warm house, and I am simply using the published specs. First up, let’s tackle overall length and case length. Overall length is important for the final driveshaft length and the case length is important for the fitment to the transmission tunnel.

This will require shortening the driveshaft by a matching amount, so I know that no matter what I will be paying a visit to the local driveshaft shop, which I would be doing anyway – see the section on Inputs and Output for details on why.

This is because the other four have a hole that exits at the spark plug indent and can be lubed with penetrating oil.

Bill J Ketenbrink bill bamko. BO , V 60HZ. CAT , V, W, 8. To see a picture of this lab equ. AT F 38C. Checks rods with or with out pistons-with or without caps.

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Hello, I ran a few searches in here and on the net and gave up. I have a set of 3 autometer gauges in pods I will be installing in my 56 tonight. I am not hacking up the dash. I got these from a guy I knew a long time ago. They worked fine in his ranger.

December 7, – Due to at least one of many potential causes, the rear case bushing in my transmission wore out.

My power windows don’t move at all! Check the fuse on the power window relay as well as the relay itself for the windows. Also clean the contacts on the switches as noted above – the current for the passenger window passes through the driver’s side switch, so check them all. Can I switch out my 85mph speedometer with a faster one?

It is for the same reason that the national speed limit was set at 55mph. However, this regulatory goal may or may not have something to do with the US government giving large amounts of money to the Chrysler Corporation to produce K-cars. Can I fit the The internal structure of the body, as well as the HVAC system, is incompatible with the later style dash. Either look into buying a dash cover from one of the mail-order parts suppliers, or have the dash recovered.


It is generally given for the thermistor in still air, and in well-stirred oil. Typical values for a small glass bead thermistor are 1. If the temperature of the environment is known beforehand, then a thermistor may be used to measure the value of the dissipation constant. For example, the thermistor may be used as a flow rate sensor, since the dissipation constant increases with the rate of flow of a fluid past the thermistor. The power dissipated in a thermistor is typically maintained at a very low level to ensure insignificant temperature measurement error due to self heating.

Fortunately, in addition to replacements from other scrapped cars, new parts can be obtained at a slightly higher cost from most of the usual mail-order houses.

My symptoms are no power to speak of below rpm. At that point turbo boost occurs and power comes up, though no where near what it should be. The engine revs smoothly but runs out of steam before rpm. I’m left to decide if the problem is the AMM or the O2 sensor. If your B FT throws oil around like mine, the throttle body can easily get crudded up and cause problems exactly as you described.

All these were fine, just a dirty throttle body caused the problem. Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver to loosen the little locking tab on the end of the lower ball-and-socket. One right-hand thread, the other left-hand. The gasket on my car lifted right off with no fuss, but if you have to scrape be sure to use a plastic or wood scraper so as not to damage the aluminum facing.

Swab it out with clean rags and lots of good quality carb cleaner. The fumes from the breather are carrying oil and combustion vapors. When this stuff attempts to past the butterfly in the mostly closed state, the pressure and hence temperature drop causes the fumes to condense out of the air stream As an aside, this buildup can cause really weird problems on cars with automatic IACs idle air control: The gunk will restrict the air flow through the butterfly, forcing the IAC to open farther to maintain a proper idle speed.

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